Casual returning player looking for corporation

Hi, I’m a returning player (53mil SP) looking for a corporation that does a mix of PvE and small gang PvP.

I am open to all environments, but I prefer a corporation based in high sec that does day trips to wormholes and low sec.

I am currently omega status and US timezone. My activity will vary based on IRL commitments. Thanks!

Hey, I would recommend checking out this Corp. I think they could fit your desires.

The Order of Omerta

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We are pretty close to your wishes,

we have a friendly Eve community and main PvP base is just 2 jumps from hi-sec, sure we have FW operations in Gallente Space as well.

Please join our discord, so we can find out if you and our corp fit together.

hey buddy

we are a pve indy hisec corp whit a pvp allaince for our fun

wanne hear some more hop on discord :smiley:

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Good man. Yes we can help you at Omerta. We do fw, pvp, pve and indy. Got a great group here and our alliance is new and expanding well.

Lots of laughs lots of kills lots of fun.

I have a wormhole corp you can join, we don’t have much pvp going but i’m sure we can organize fleets/roams


We are based near Hek and do Min FW fleets to fill your PVP needs. All info can be found here -

Contact us if your interested,

Hi Bluejay,

We’re a small wormhole corp living in a C4 with C1/C3 statics. USTZ, we’re very laid back, real life first sort of folks.

I see that you would prefer to be based in HS but if you like wormhole daytripping, living in our system may be for you. The C1 static also has a connection to HS 90% of the time and the C3 very often will have a LS. So we can get back to k-space fairly reliably even without a HS static.

We do a lot of pve and definitely jump on pvp whenever it is available. Varied activity is no problem, most of us have rigorous IRL schedules to contend with ourselves.

I’ll link our posting below where you can find a link to our discord. Feel free to reach out if you are interested or would like more information.

Fly safe! o7

hay bud if your willing to come to npc null we have a spot in our corp am looking for pvp vets to join my corp i also run a alliance

If interested in small, laid back and casual here is my pitch

What we require:

  • Prefered 5mil sp (if your close we can still talk)
  • Ability to participate and follow orders in combat
  • Discord/comms

What we offer:

  • Null non-bloc life
  • SOV in Omist region
  • Relaxed atmosphere with adults doing adult things on occasion
  • Corp held ops
  • Vets with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get situated
  • PvP small gang
  • IRL fitst

Now additional offerings

  • Moon mining
  • PI, null or wspace access

Join IIAR Pub to chat or mail one of the recruiters.