Razer Synapse and EVE disconnecting devices

Any other Razer Synapse users here that has issues with their devices after launching EVE?

My devices (keyboard/mouse/speaker) randomly disconnects after launching EVE and having Synapse running. I’m trying to pinpoint the cause of this, and possible workarounds that does not involve shutting down Synapse.

(and yes I’m sure there’s a number of you saying to ditch Synapse and that’s cool in all but doesn’t really get us any closer as to why EVE specifically shows these symptoms).

While having Synapse turned off there is no disconnects nor have I seen the behavior with other games/processes. So its something with the main EVE process that does not play well with Synapse making all devices temporary disconnect and reconnect.

Thoughts? Or have anyone experienced the same with other games/software?


Hi Chribba - I note what you say about not running Synapse (I uninstalled it long ago on my device), but there are a couple of other possibilities, not to do with EVE Online.

You’ve probably checked this, but: Are you running the latest version of Synapse? The site is promoting its ‘NEW Synapse’ app.

Also, I quickly checked the site and there seems to be an issue with the Dynamic Lighting feature, which affects certain devices (they give a lengthy list).

Perhaps someone who does use the app can be of more help. No need to reply if the above is not relevant.

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