RAZOR Alliance leaving drone region

From their forum:

Proud members of RAZOR Alliance!

We have been at war without much of a break for the past 18 months, give or take. During this time, we defeated Guardians of the Galaxy and Triumvirate, all at the side of our allies. However, while we fought the last war against TRI in the South, our enemies took the opportunity of our absence to gain a foothold in DCU space. It’s sad, but when we finally were able to return to the North after being deployed for such a long time, many of our and the DCU’s pilots have been too burned out to successfully fight back. Don’t get us wrong - we’re not blaming anyone for this. It was a war in EVE, and this time one we lost.
So, once again, it’s time for RAZOR Alliance to pack our stuff, move out and find a new home. Where this new home is going to be, we can not tell you yet as negotiations with several parties are still ongoing and no decision has been made yet. For now, we ask you to move your valuable assets to safety in Odebeinn. Remember that you can also put cheap and/or bulky stuff into asset safety - it will end up in Odebeinn as well, but take a lot of strain from the alliance’s jump freighter pilots. Also keep a few PVP ships and a clone in S7WI-F and keep joining fleets there. Do NOT attempt to move capitals or supercapitals on your own. There will be Move Ops for those (and of course for subcapitals as well, once we know what our destination is going to be). Once negotiations are done, there will be an alliance meeting on TS. Expect this in the next few days.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact your corporation leadership, Pandoro or myself on Discord or TS.

RAZOR Alliance is the second-oldest sov-holding alliance in EVE! We lost our space multiple times but we returned each time and it’s our dearest intention to do so once again! So let’s get this over with!

Your Alliance Leadership, Pandoro and Gus.

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Welcome back to Delve.

Mind telling me the names of all of your characters?

uhm yeah, the same alliance that lost 3000 members in the span of 1 single year because of their awesome leadership…

Found razor!


Jason Acami, thank you for the intelligence report linked above. Thank you sir.

Go get tenal back eh

I have fought both with and against RAZOR.
Don’t count them out, they’ve always been a solid alliance.
Best of luck to you all

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