RAZOR Alliance - SOV Holding PvP Alliance

Fellow Capsulers,

It is now over 15 years ago that RAZOR Alliance was founded and we intend to enjoy the game till the servers are turned off! RAZOR Alliance is a proud multinational alliance and a member of the FI.RE Coalition. We are looking towards the future and are seeking keen and eager pilots to join our ranks! With solid dedication to our home in the south-east and loyal friends in the FI.RE coalition, we will continue to carve out a place in Eve History.

Now we need you! Become a part of the glorious RAZOR community!
Join in game channel “-RZR- Alliance” where contact is available ~ Alternatively you’re welcome to contact us through Discord

Razor Alliance Public Affairs

What we offer for our Goats!


And a refusal to die!


Alliance Fleets
Small Gang Roams
Regular BLOPs Fleets
Alliance SRP
Experienced FCs


Safe space for ISK making
Infrastructure that’s planned out
Access to any stations/citadels which belongs to FIRE Allies
Jump Bridge Network
Logistic network
Alliance Moon Mining

Alliance Forum / TS3 / Discord
Coalition TS3 / Discord
Lots of awesome people
One of the oldest and still active Alliance in the game

What we’re searching for:

  • Self sufficient corporations.
  • Active corps (Minimum 15 Heartbeats).
  • Must be active in PVP and willing to participate in fleets.
  • We prefer PVP orientated corps but Industrial corporations who PVP are welcome as well.
  • We look for People who want to have fun and integrate into the Alliance Life.

Still not sure? Well assuming good fights, active community and light hearted trolling isn’t enough to sway you to our side feel free to check the various propoganda ~

time for reply, join the community, become a goat today

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