RAZOR Alliance Recolonisation Program


(Solarsystems) #1


Fellow Capsulers,

After the recent liberation of Tenerifis, Razor Alliance, stands proud, with the fight for our new home behind us we now look towards the future and are seeking keen and eager pilots to join our ranks, so do you have what it takes to not only hit F1, but F2 and occasionally F3? So find your way to the nearest Razor Suicide Squadron recruitment centre today! (No sanity required).
It’s time for us to start a new chapter and this is the story about rising again. With our new home and coalition in the South, we’re going to continue the great story of razor! Were back with new space, new buddies and new motivation.

Now we need you! Become a part of the glorious RAZOR community!

What we offer for our Goats


Alliance Fleets
Content deployments
Small Gang Roams
Alliance SRP
Doctrine Ships on contracts in staging systems
Experienced FCs
PVE, Industry and Structures

Safe space for the occasional isk making
Infrastructure thats planned out
Access to any stations/citadels which belongs to GemiCo Allies
Jump Bridge Network
Logistic network
And ofcause our Community

Alliance Forum / TS3 / Discord
Coalition TS3 / Discord
Lots of cool and crazy people
One of the oldest and still alive Alliance in the game
Out of game events
What we’re searching for

Active PVP corps (Minimum 20 individuals in RL)
Active PVP corps with an industry backbone
People who want to have fun and integrate into the Alliance-Life
Self-sufficient corporations

To end it off: The Razor Alliance National Anthem

Solarsystems / Aurelia Breeze EUTZ
Prof Luke / Jean-Baptiste Bessieres USTZ

(Prof Luke) #2

For those looking for Razor - you found us :wink: now come see what we are all about!

(Nornheim) #3

Recruitment is still open.

(Solarsystems) #4

looking booth for corporations and individuals

(Aurelia Breeze) #5

Join the Stealthiest Alliance Today!

(Maxpie) #6

We have panache. Join us and you will have fun!

(Py vanPy) #7

YES, you found Razor!

(Solarsystems) #8

Come have a chat!

(Solar Norn) #9

Recruitment still open

(Aurelia Breeze) #10

Razor is recruiting again ladies and gents!

(Nornheim) #11

Recruitment still open boys come have a chat!

(Prof Luke) #12

Razor is still looking for good people and corporations

(Solar Norn) #13

Join today!

(Solarsystems) #14

The recolonisation still need pioneers

(Solarsystems) #15

Razor is still looking for good people

(Prof Luke) #16

Don’t delay, apply today.

(Solarsystems) #17

The democratic dictatorship of razor are recruiting!

(Nornheim) #18

Still here, still alive, still growing!

(Solarsystems) #19

Join the Razor Suicide Squadron Today!

(Solarsystems) #20

Come have a chat! we are still around!