RAZOR Alliance Recolonisation Program

Welcome to the RAZOR Alliance Recolonisation Program!

Fellow Capsulers,

With us resetting standings towards The Imperium and their move to the southern parts of New Eden, a chapter in the history of RAZOR has finally reached its end. It’s time for us to start a new chapter and this is the story about rising again. With our new home and coalition in the Drone Regions, we’re going to make RAZOR great again! Were back with new space, new buddies and new motivation.

Now we need you! Become a part of the glorious RAZOR community!

What we offer for our Goats

• Alliance-Fleets every Day!
• Coalition Fleets with +1000 Capsuleers
• Small Gang Roams
• Black Ops Fleets
• Full Alliance SRP
• All Doctrine Ships on contracts in staging system
• Experienced FCs
• Monthly Fleet Rewards

Industry and Structures
• Save space for ratting, mining and PI
• Stations, citadels and POSs
• Access to any stations/citadels which belongs to GemiCo Allies
• Jump Bridge Network
• Logistic network from Jita to staging system

• Alliance Forum / TS3 / Jabber
• Coalition TS3 / Discord / Mumble
• Lots of cool and crazy people
• One of the oldest and still alive Alliance in the game
• Out of game events

What we’re searching for
• Active PVP corps (Minimum 40 Members)
• Active PVP corps with an industry backbone
• People who want to have fun and integrate into the Alliance-Life
• Self-sufficient corporations

That sounds interesting to you? Great! Contact one of our recruitment officers or join our in-game channel “-RZR- Alliance

Hope to see you in alliance chat soon!

Recruitment Officers
[EU] Sphex Tavola
[EU] Tamiflu
[EU] Solarsystems

Recolonisation Program Poster
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We have shiny ships to kill. :grin:

Join today!

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