RAZOR Alliance Recolonisation Program


(Solarsystems) #21

to the top!

(Solarsystems) #22

The recolonisation still need pioneers

(Solarsystems) #23

Don’t delay, apply today.

(Solarsystems) #24

Recruitment still open boys come have a chat!

(Solarsystems) #25

Razor is looking for good people and corporations!

(Solarsystems) #26

to the top?

(Aurelia Breeze) #27

Hi All,

You found Razor! Come have a chat with us today.

(Solarsystems) #28

Still around, still growing

(Anton Karpoph) #29

interested 121 mill s/p pvp pilot.

(Solarsystems) #30

sent you a ingame mail mate.

(Nornheim) #31

Recruitment is still open.

(Solarsystems) #32

To the top so we can have a chat!

(KiloAlpha) #33

OMG I found razor :grinning:

Bump for good old Corp and even older alliance

(Py vanPy) #34

YES, you found Razor!

(Aurelia Breeze) #35

Is your corporation looking for a home?
Have you been wanting fun fights, destruction and space to use?
Are you wanting a history drench in the blood, swet and salty tears of many nullsec pilots?

Come give Razor Alliance a try! Looking for both Pilots and Corporations. EU and US TS welcome o/