RAZOR Alliance Recolonisation Program


(Solarsystems) #73

Find your way to the nearest Razor Suicide Squad recruitment centre today! (No sanity required).

(Nornheim) #75

Recruitment still open!

(Solarsystems) #76

Still around, still growing

(shone) #77

Opened just to check if there was awesome banner, was not dissapointed! :slight_smile:

(Solarsystems) #78

Glad to hear that!

(Solarsystems) #79

Join the Razor Suicide Squadron Today!

(Py vanPy) #80

YES, you found Razor!

(Solarsystems) #81

Recruitment still open boys come have a chat!

(viper09) #82

Beer is not required but bring it as someone will drink it, Lots of fun stuff to do and lets face it eves abuot fun not spreadsheets unless its spreadsheets of your corpse collection so you can find out who your missing.
P.s im missing a chribba and mittani corpse for my collection any high sec delivery is good thanks