RAZOR Alliance Recruiting


(shone) #77

Opened just to check if there was awesome banner, was not dissapointed! :slight_smile:

(Solarsystems) #78

Glad to hear that!

(Solarsystems) #79

Join the Razor Suicide Squadron Today!

(Py vanPy) #80

YES, you found Razor!

(viper09) #82

Beer is not required but bring it as someone will drink it, Lots of fun stuff to do and lets face it eves abuot fun not spreadsheets unless its spreadsheets of your corpse collection so you can find out who your missing.
P.s im missing a chribba and mittani corpse for my collection any high sec delivery is good thanks

(Cpt WilliamKidd) #83

I was lost and wandering hunting pandas until the Razor Alliance Recolonisation Program found me! No more lonely solo Panda hunts for me!

Come and find the joy in group hunting, no one wants to be a lonely ganker, come be part of a team of gankers and find a new home with Razor and their friends. Sending missiles to Pandas from Razor and Russia with love. <3

(Py vanPy) #85

YES, you found Razor!

(Nornheim) #86

After the resent expansion of our coalition we are aswell expanding the alliance once again with new energy! Come have a chat!

(Aurelia Breeze) #87

Are you thinking about finding a home where you’re valued?
Are you wanting to fight things all the time?
Sick of not having content?

Why have you not joined our Beloved Goat Herd?! get in razor today!

(Nornheim) #88

Looking for a dedicated and active group? Lets have a talk!

(Faux Paw) #90

79m sp combat pilot who just came back to the game is interested.

(Solarsystems) #91

I sent you a ingame message Faux!

(Nornheim) #93

As english speaking part of the newly formed coalition in the south we are looking for new members.

(Aurelia Breeze) #97

Recruitment still ongoing ~ :wink: Sick of being part of pure blob? Don’t want to be just a face in the crowd? Razor might be perfect for you then!

(viper09) #98

i testify that the almighty bob has given us the approval and drive to rid new eden of the scum and buggery. So drink hearty my friends for tomorrow we dine with hades

(Solarsystems) #99

After the resent expansion of our coalition we are aswell expanding the alliance once again with new energy! Come have a chat!

(Ruben ishtarok) #100

I’m new to this game and i want war. I choose this corp. suicide rocks!

(Solarsystems) #101

i send you a ingame message mate.

(Aurelia Breeze) #102

I’ve never had so much fun in Eve as I have had in Razor Alliance, the highs, the lows, the Salt farming :wink:

Come have a chat, the leadership here have always been reasonable, helpful and receptive of alternatives if you think theres a better/easier way their more than happy to hear your thoughts.

From a line member perspective, I hope you enjoy blowing people up because there’s a rather heavy emphasis on this ~ Still not sure? I mean really?

Come have a chat then and we’ll run through any questions/concerns you might have.

(Solarsystems) #103

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