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At 2300 evetime on 29th of November form up was called, there was lots of speculation that horde were going to fight so a max CTA was called it was going to be us vs Horde and NC. After getting so many members in fleet the opposing fleets didn’t want to engage us anymore so we decided to attempt to reinforce the enemy’s fortizar in Oijanen this did not lure them into fighting us as they were still too scared, However these 2 battleships fleets only had two ways out of system, either they had to jump in a titan that couldn’t tether for a short period of time, in which time we would have been able to tackle it and potentially kill it or they had to exit via the BWF-ZZ gate. As it was unlikely they were going to jump a titan in FC decided to have dictors on the BWF-ZZ side of the gate and our Battleship fleet on the other. After waiting a fair while for the enemies to make a move they finally decided to make a run for it through the BWF-ZZ gate, They jumped through and we followed, we ended up killing as many of them as we could before they could escape and ended up slaughtering them. This is the final battle report https://zkillboard.com/related/30002440/201811290000/

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Bet you were expecting Kayelle to bump

Edit: But seriously, you should join

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Yes, I was!

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That was a killer fleet, started off a bit slow but we had some good laughs and got an afk pod kill https://zkillboard.com/kill/73902661/ while we were at it. After a while we decided to try a new area and on our way out we found this guy https://zkillboard.com/kill/73902992/ , after that we decided to keep moving while laughing at the fact we managed to kill a blingy vedmak suddenly lo and behold https://zkillboard.com/kill/73903054/ hes reshipped into a semi-blingy jag… because thats gonna kill us if the vedmak didnt… we decided to head home drop the loot and take off again. On the second trip they were more ready for us so there were fewer ratters and more ■■■■ trying to kill us. We managed to steal the bounty from an ess and blow it up https://zkillboard.com/kill/73903780/. We ended up losing half of us to a Gnosis because we got cocky and decided to call it a night. All in all was super fun and am looking forward to running fleets with these dudes again.
-AAR by Moolak Uno

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me and my friend each have a freshly new account that can fly supercarriers. (around 23Mill SP each). We are still deciding between goons and TEST, but we don’t really know much about these two alliances.

Where can I find a place to chat with you guys

(Kayelle) #26

In Game Pub: Right Click Jump Pub and we will give you a discord.

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Calling all Stratios and T3 Pilots

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T1 Logi? T2 Logi? T3 Logi! We want you!

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We are gearing up for battle. Are you ready to drop with us?

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Things are happening people! So much to shoot… We want you to PEW!

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A few NC. caps begin shooting our staging fort in Oijanen. Moments later Progodlegend rage pings: Flash Form MAX Dreads, Supers, Titans SS carriers!!! MAX everything!!! Just as the call is made to undock and anchor on FC, some friendly supers land on the grid and immediately start engaging hostile caps. Panfam escalates, but underestimate our response time. We kill many capitals, while others escape the gauntlet of fighters and dread fire.

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RCJT wants you!

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Yesterday was quite the day! TEST Alliance intel caught TRI supers on a move op, leaving 10 Titan and 3 Super husks in their wake. Later on, RCJT corp OP led us to a pair of semi-blingy ratting BS and an entirely unaware Hel. It was a lean night!

(Kayelle) #35

We had this awesome fight with remote rep Domis baiting in dead-space 140km from warp in and stayed on grid for 35 mins fighting! https://br.inyour.space/?s=2448&b=8404180&e=71&t=bv

(Kayelle) #36

This also happened: https://zkillboard.com/kill/74201985/

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And this was on a corp OP: https://zkillboard.com/kill/74178407/

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Oh baby - are things getting exciting in corp now! Ladies and Gentleman - dock up your SUPERS! We are coming for them.

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What a week… Come chat with us about what we are doing.

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