Right Click Jump To - RCJT

Yeah, right click on the capacitor, jump to my cyno! The yellow circle next to your modules! Yes, that’s my cyno! RIGHT CLICK! JUMP TO!

I’m back again searching the redditverse for wayward capsuleers looking for a new place to get some “dank frags” and “krab” to their hearts’ content.

Don’t have a capital that you can “Right Click, Jump To” with?

Good news, everybody!

We have in corp as well as alliance titans and BLOPS that can bridge you to where your next victim is! Or if you are a hero logi, where you can save my statistically irregular, primaried way more than it should be ass with your sweet sweet reps and capacitor!

Right Click Jump To is a new corp to Test Alliance. We are the consolidation of a group of semi-bitter vets with a IDGAF attitude that decided we wanted to focus on the fun parts of EVE and leave the daunting task of administrative duties to people who already have it figured out with a kick ass infrastructure.

RCJT currently has the goal of being one of the top corporations in TEST for fleet activity and kills per capita. We are accomplishing this by:

Having subsidized BLOPS fleet doctrines for harassing our enemies

Utilizing the multiple services and groups TEST offers

Having a good in corp community and identity maintained through discord and our mumble channel

Encouraging our veterans to help out our newer or low SP friends

We are going to offer you about the same things you see in every other forum post, but since joining RCJT in the last month, I want to tell you a bit about my experiences and what I have enjoyed the most!

A kick ass Jump Freight Service

Daily, sometimes hourly pings for PVP fleets

Tons of other groups to do fun fleets on

Reliable and fair SRP

Fun people to work with no matter your interest in EVE

I love questions, work is really slow right now, so any time I get to talk to a stranger on the internet about my favorite video game, I’m a happy camper.

Feel free to message me on discord rangerwolfy#4987 and I will do my best to find you an answer that will get you to RIGHT CLICK JUMP TO!

edit: whoops cant spell my own name right.

I was trying to get in contact with you but haven’t been able to get a message through to you on discord.
Can you message me? Sofferr_Aurora#5850
Thanks in advance!

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