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RIGHT CLICK JUMP TO wants you! RCJT is a member of Test Alliance Please Ignore. We are the consolidation of a group of semi-bitter vets with an IDGAF attitude that decided we wanted to focus on the fun parts of EVE and leave the administrative duties to people who already have it figured out. RCJT leads small-gang skirmish and hot-drop corporate fleets while still participating in large alliance level fleet combat and SIG deployments. We are primarily USTZ 22:00 to 06:00 , with a small EU and AU presence.

  • BLOPS & AF & T1 doctrine

  • Capital Combat

  • Special Interest Groups (SIG)

  • Low-key Culture

  • Experienced Veterans

We are going to offer you about the same as every other Null-block corporation.

RCJT is still growing. You do not need to play every day, but we ask that when you play, you are ACTIVE on fleets and have a desire to improve in PVP. We do not want edge lords and spergers, but we will tolerate it in small doses. We are not “newbie friendly”, but will consider mentoring the right pilots.

10M SKILL POINTS - Special consideration given. (Injected toons will require scrutiny.)







TLDR: Be awake at keyboard with working mic, on grid with purples, listening to FC, financially independent, and a competent pilot.

Inquire within to receive an invitation to our public discord: Right Click Jump Pub

Help bring the dunk back to EVE…

150mil UK veteran looking for PVP corp
60m sp pilot looking for mature null or wh corp US west coast
87m SP mostly subcap looking for null home
LF a Corp
140mill SP main +4high SP alts looking for AUTZ pvp corp
Looking for a new pvp focused project
38m SP looking for corp in npc zero, either venal or curse
60 million SP char looking for null sec home
Returner Newb Looking for a Home/Direction
Terrible PVP Pilot looking for Corp
Newish player looking for casual 0.0 corp
Looking for Corp
Looking for a potential new home
24 Mil SP Pilot Returning and Looking for a Noob-Friendly USTZ PVP Corp
Veteran player gone for years looking for home
Looking to place a 43M SP industrial/mining character and possibly a 130M SP PvP focused character
Bitter Vet
65m sp Nix Pilot looking for Home
120mil SP returning pilot looking for a home
138M SP Experienced Player Looking for a corp
45m Skill Point Pilot LF Null-sec Corp
Returning 92mil SP Looking
92 million character lf something
85 million Gallente pilot looking for new home
Found a home thanks
Closed. Found a home
160m+ Sp pilot + alters looking for a new home for Pew pew (prefer WH)
(VeronicaKell) #2

Feel free to hit me up in game as well.

(MrChuckNorris) #3

One of the best corps ive been a part of. Love this group

(Kayelle) #4

Come join.

(Kayelle) #5

Big Null Block, Small Corp Feel

(Kayelle) #6

I approve this message.

Returning 15mill SP player
20mil SP looking for a friendly corp
15mil SP Noob looking for a low sec corp, want to get into pvp and pve
Returning pilot looking for a new home, 36mil SP
Looking AU TZ Corp
Returning Player looking for tight-knit Corp
(Moolack Uno) #7

If you’re AUTZ there is heaps of content for you to join in on, Just tonight we killed 2 titans and 265 billion isk worth of ships https://br.inyour.space/?s=2183&b=8267640&e=330&t=ue so if that ain’t a reason to join a corp I don’t know what is :wink: + everyone is super friendly and convesational

(rangerwolfy) #8

FC should I bump this?

(Kayelle) #9

20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
6.6m sp new guy trying to get into the game
141 mil SP char looking for new home
Old eve player with 4 characters looking for a home
48 M sp Combat newbie lf Home
(Kayelle) #10

Still looking. We have gotten a few great recruits. Open recruitment may close sooner than expected!

(Kayelle) #11

If you are still looking, we are still looking!

(Kayelle) #12

Still open.

(Kayelle) #13

I mean, why not join?

(Kayelle) #14

Bless me Father, for I hath sinned. It has been 12 days since my last bump.

(Kayelle) #15

Dilly Dilly!

(Kayelle) #16

Why haven’t you joined yet?

(Kayelle) #17

We have reopened active receuitment! This is the time to join.

(Kayelle) #18

Still haven’t joined?!

(Kayelle) #19

Got Caps?

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