Re: CSM Notes. Easy Character Creation Pre-Randomization Quality improvement


  1. Run an in-lore beauty contest for each race.
  2. Let the players decide the best looking characters.
  3. Make sure Large Collidable Object isn’t one of them.
  4. Use the data for these faces as the base of your randomization.

Great results guaranteed!

For consideration:

  1. Understand how the attractiveness of averages works, on a rudimentary level.
  2. “Average faces are attracting, very attractive faces are not average.” Figure out how to put that into your randomization.
  3. Pick the best ones for future NPC characters.

This thread recommends an idea that boosts quality …
… based both on math and science …
… so I’m just going to give this a bump.

I don’t recall seeing them in years, since the whole WiS blowup.

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Sadpanda. :frowning:

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