Real world first corp. mining, ratting, mission up to lvl 4

We say any real world needs are first and foremost. This is a game and we play for enjoyment. Request that you have a positive attitude and a community outlook.

Players new and old join our ranks to grow your corporation in Kiainti a 0.5 system. One jump from 0.4 if you like to roam. Moon mining to supply our industry with materials and you with isk. Up to level 4 mission running. Planetary interaction making goods for a profit. Some worm hole exploring just to change things up from time to time.

skills we request everyone try to learn as alpha’s

New player friendly no test to pass.
Ore Buyback Program at 1% tax to support the athanors which pull up all the moon ore. We have Orca boosted mining fleets.
Logi back-up for mission running.
No Skill Point minimum required to join.
Wardec immunity
Blueprint library, we like to build instead of buy.
Ship construction program for members. We supply the blue print, you supply the materials. Most are fully upgraded for time and materials. If not we continually buy and upgrade the BPO all the time.
Omega’s are most welcome to join the corp,

If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions.
In game contact ,

Cutlure corillian

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