Fafnir's Auxiliary Transports is now open for recruits

Real world needs are first and foremost. This is a game and we play for enjoyment. Request that you have a positive attitude and a community outlook.

Looking for folks with PI skills. Planetary interaction making goods for a profit.

The corporation is in Kiainti a 0.5 system. One jump from 0.4 if you like to roam.

Moon mining to supply our industry with materials and you with isk. Up to level 4 mission running.

skills we request everyone to have completed


Skill Point minimum required to join 3,000,000
Ore Buyback Program - 10% tax ore for cash. we use https://evepraisal.com/ for valuation.
Orca boosted mining fleets.
Logi back-up for mission running.
Wardec immunity
Blueprint library, we like to build instead of buy.
Ship construction program for members. We supply the blue print, you supply the materials. Fully upgraded for time and materials. If not we continually buy and upgrade BPO all the time.

If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions.
In game contact ,

Cutlure corillian

slight bump

Expanding into PI need some players. the corp would fund the command centers in return for raw goods

PI bump, we fund people to get started with PI in exchange for learning more about that area of the game

some folks to help with the moon ore would be great as well

we are looking for some mission runners as well

Command centers are dirt cheap, and you want ppl to hand you materials at 0% profit for them, sounds like a scam or ill worded.

yes centers are cheap we just provide information and structure for getting layout of bases and the command centers . also things you can tube and read for yourself if you were to take the time to do so.

but just we ask in exchange for tax’s , donations , ore buy back or such other methods. some part of PI “production” for the corp. never ask for more than one type of item from each member you can have up to 6 planets right? we have the structures to run which take fuel that we can all make together. you would have access to our hub of structures. hence our moon moon miner resources and the industry structure at 0 %. all that for one part of the 5 or 6 planets income, skill dependent of course.

if you want to make a run of fuel blocks for yourself using the fully upgraded for time and resources BPO’s. we can that for you as well. we offer many aspects with our BPO line-up

we build fly sell make our own things we use. thanks for the time. message me in game anytime to chat.

we now run trig, conduits,

we are making a change in direction. bump

have made changes to our PI system

Are you guys still recruiting? If so mind sending me a mail with the run down of your corp?

we have changed directions but still open

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