Reason for today's outage has been revealed

It seems that someone at CCP actually tried to do planetary interaction on more than one character today. Although his head did not explode, the negative energy generated by his experience damaged the servers and required some downtime to repair.
Thankfully, everything is back to normal and we can all get back to the new and improved PI interface.,


its the sort of thing we only discuss on comms… no record

Never not record comms XD

Someone forgot to pay the cooling bill, they turned off A/C to CCP’s cage and the hamsters died a horrible death. Fortunately they were able to fly in replacement hamsters to London from Iceland along with a 1m3 block of ice.


Unfortunately in a very CCP fashion they put the ice and hamsters in the same container and half the hamsters died crushed, unsettling the survivors.

Here’s what actually happened, of course


Actually, found the real culprit. CCP uses Amazon’s AWS.

Is that ultra compressed ice? O.o

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