Recent Paladin Experience

I simply can not believe how bad doing level 4’s in a paladin is. Blitzing in a machariel even with faction or meta 4’s would be superior. I have come to the realization that even doing anomics and blitz still leaves you in the boat of simply doing incursions for more isk an hour in a pve setting. Salvage is also very bad, which brings up the point of why are tech 2 battle ships so much lower performing than pirate BS’s? Anyways why is a 2 billion fit ship performing worse than a 600 mill NM or even 1 bill mach?

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Maybe because not all hulls are meant to be good at lvl4 missions? By the way, it’s PVP section of the forum, not PVE.

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Yeah i messed that up. Inb4l

Here’s a hint:

Marauders are specialized in something that was nerfed to the ground. Namely salvaging npcs in pve. With meta tiercide and the massive changes to reprocessing values looting and salvaging are not at all what they used to be. So the bounties are where the money is only a few npc faction are worth looting and fewer still worth salvaging in lvl 4s.
Maybe something could be done with the BS hulls that cost as much as dreads or carriers…


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