Recently returned player LF 0.0 pvp corp

I have a 33 mil sp main, and two 15 +/- mil sp alts. Mostly focused into minmatar and caldari t2/t3 frigs destroyers and cruisers.

I am looking for a corp that has a PvE situation setup but that isnt the focus of the corps activities. I intend to mostly fly around looking for people to kill on the periphery when fleets arent out etc… Not that excited about returning to cap battles but will enjoy them if they arent an every 45 minute sorta thing.

Im looking for a home, someplace to help defend, make my isk when bored and go out hunting from on the regular. Thats mainly it. I have experience in like everything you can do in game, except for the abyssal stuff, thats new to me.

I have a working mic, and headset and am willing to use them for fleet etc… and so on. Also willing to send whatever info you require.

What i must have :

  • 50+ members in corp ( im not looking for a new startup but an active corp that has endured)
  • access to PvP regularly in various fleet formats ( i can participate in anything short of caps so thats a wide array of crap)
  • a consistent presence in corp chat who arent afk all day or just running sites. I get that its financially sound, but if thats 80% of what you do, thats not the environment i want to be in.
  • Corp must own the sov we live in. Im not interested in rental corps etc… I intend to invest a ton of time so will be useful in the long run,

What i offer:

  • versatile on ability to show up for planned ops ( i work from home so not really an issue if i have forwarning)
  • focused into high speed, fast attack ships specifically, canes, svipul, etc… as well as both caldari/minmatar strategic cruisers/HACs/and recon
  • alts able to combat probe with decent skills and ability to fly any interceptor/astero as needed in addition to t2 minmatar frigs etc…
  • Devotion. I want to be a part of something, not something within something else, but something that is of impressive value of its own determination and efforts. Thats what i aim to do. Im not a leader type though, so my best contributions will be on the drawing board and the battlefield.

If interested please send me an eve mail as i check that more than i do here.

look at my kb, it is the reason we dont multibox frigs/dessies lol

Hey bud!

Krypted Gaming is looking for active combat-proficient pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity and seek players who value respect, socializing, and enjoying the game.

We are proud members of Triumvirate.

We are looking for players who are,

  • Active. 82% of our players are active daily.
  • Combat focused. Blowing up ships is a part of our daily routine, have a history of PvP.
  • Eager to improve, learn, and grow as a player.

Our playstyle involves,

Outside of EVE Online, we have multiple game branches (Rust, WoW) to blow off steam, and numerous IRL meetups in the UK and US.

Learn a bit more about us at our website, or check out our killboard.

Want to chat? Drop by our Discord!

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Hey, Brittas empire are looking for good people to come fly with us. We are primarily EU tz but alliance covers others. We have some great FCS and lots of experienced players. We are a fun social group. If this is something that interests you, pop in our discord .

Look forward to talking to you o7


EVE mail sent!

Hey, I represent a corp in The Initiative. which is a pvp based alliance within the imperium, we have a fun close knit corp atmosphere and blow ships up as a corp almost daily. We don’t care about elite killboard stats and often lose stupid ■■■■ but at least we have fun doing it. Being in the imperium we have access to delve to krab in so you won’t have to worry about making money at all. We don’t have any mandatory PvP but we do like people to try to PVP when their real life lets them. We do focus on being competent PVPers as a corp and our end goal is to be able to call a corp op to achieve an objective and be able to fight with a tighter knit group that can defeat a fleet larger than ours using superior tactics. We have people in corp who build just about anything we need to try to create a completely self sustained corp that doesn’t have to rely on the alliance for ships and content, but still participates actively with them. Check us out if you think we might be a good home for you Hole Punchers Null Sec corp in The Initiative seeking all pilot

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Come fly with us!

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