Recently Returned to Eve Online! played off and on since 2004 Looking for the right Corp!

So I’m a longtime eve player off and on I have 2 toons a PVP toon I bought a year and a bit ago to return to eve that has about 62 Million Sp Focused on PVP and a Miner with 12M SP. I mine in High Sec Currently all the time well I mess around on my PVP toon… I am from Canada and am extremely active as I work from home at the moment so I figured id enjoy it well I can! lol
I just returned to eve so I’m traveling light aslong as my miner has a barge to use I’m good to go!

If you want a Miner who mines every day all day I’m you guy I just want somewhere I can mine good ore and make some money doing it as I play my PVP toon and let my miner go.

Id like to find a Corp that I can let my miner mine 24/7 and have access to good Ore rather then what I’m getting in High Sec and have a Relatively safe and relaxed area to do it. Able to PVP with my Main PVP Toon and learn from more experienced PVP Pilots! I’m a good listener and learn quick I have Discord and Mumble just looking for a group of relaxed guys who play eve everyday.

I am normally on all day everyday or at least near my computer with my current situation so a extremely active Corp would be preferred!

This is my second Corp post but i hope you understand I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and just find the right Corp for me.

I’m open to putting my Toons in separate corps or the same whatever works. I just want a good spot to mine good ore in a decent area and a decent Corp to PVP and enjoy the game with! I also enjoy PVE am into a little bit of everything I just would prefer to avoid wormholes right now…

Here is my Zkillboard and my Skills!

Still looking for a home for my Pvp toon and my miner!

Hey bud! I got the right corp for you - Master of coin!

Why? because we live in an area of space (sov null) that has almost no enemy incursions/fleet or gangs for our miners to do what they do best: Getting ALL the moon goo - we also have a very good buyback program AND our alliance hosts DAILY pvp fleets, both small gang and REALLY big ones so you could have you alt mining away all the good ores for a very nice profit while going on pvp fleets with your main!



- Local facilities for refining, research and production

- Build supply chain network

- Blueprint library (work in progress)


- Mining boosts

- Regular mining fleets

- Moon mining


  • Recruitment Director - Tony Lee (Discord: Tony - Lee#4633)
  • For recruitment ask: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

EveMail / Discord DM / Ingame channel: MAOCO Recruitment

If you would like to join us, please reach out to a recruiter. After joining us, you will be given a link to our discord server, which includes many more resources.

Have a good one!

Zero Reps Given is opening the doors to pilots new and old that is looking for a place to call home. We’re a corporation that is located in the Immensea Region. The REPLS foundation is of buddies that have flown together for over 8 years or longer. We take pride in our organization and the team we’re trying to build. Repls consider all pilots as family and there is no other way to treat each other. We are part of Razor alliance which is part of FI.RE coalition.

Our Mission

As a corporation, Our mission is to have a successful home for all players of eve. We want all pilots to log on and have fun and enjoy there time on eve. We do offer a lot of options for our players, items will be below. We believe in the community that eve is and the corp atmosphere.

  • Regular fleets with the Coalition, Alliance and Corp.
  • Coalition/Alliance and Corp wide SRP.
  • Corp Dedicated Moons
  • Ratting Space for days
  • Relaxing and Friendly environment

If your interested in joining or finding out more information feel free to join our discord or pub channel.
Look me up on discord: Siegfried vonFalkenhayn#3410
Corp Public Channel: REPLS Public

Greetings. CEO is from the class of 2004 also. We have everything you asked for. PvP and all the industry you can handle. Watch the movie, its good and shows a bit of what we do. Keep your toons together.

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