Recruiting a USTZ Corp/Group to join the pvp waves with lots of content in WH

Are you a strong, independent North American corporation who wants to forge their way across the stars, leaving a trail of carebear corpses in your wake?

SLX, one of the last great 0.0/C5 C2 corporations, is looking to recruit a USTZ corp to join us. Our EUTZ is strong, able to brawl the largest groups in wormhole space or escalate near infinite marauders (ok we can fit like 8 through our nullsec static. Our USTZ is currently filled by some of the best small-gang players in EVE. We are growing quickly and looking to recruit a USTZ corporation with FC’s already active, ready to take on larger fights. Many of us play late into EUTZ/early USTZ. Living in a C2 0.0/C5 is the best of both worlds. We have content all day long, and whenever Nullsec Megacorp #851 forms 150 hawks for our 5-man cruiser fleet we can roll away. Our members are welcome to join our network of C5 farmholes for unlimited™ isk generation, as well as farming out of our static.

We offer an active discord, Teamspeak 3 server, and a relaxed and skilled environment for your spreadsheet simulation enjoyment. (edited)

Reach out via: Shadow Legion X

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