Recruiting Active Indy & PVP Pilots

Currently recruiting active industrial and combat related pilots. Currently located in Hi-Sec space, however, we are currently trying to move to Null-Sec and have an active Discord. Some benefits and activities that we do are as follows:

:radioactive: Alpha Pilots Welcome
:radioactive: Mining Fleets
:radioactive: Day Trips into Wormhole Space
:radioactive: Structures for Manufacturing and Reprocessing
:radioactive: Active Discord (required)
:radioactive: ESI Checks Mandatory
:radioactive: 6% Tax (Will lower the more money we bring in)
:radioactive: Hauling and Distribution Opportunities
:radioactive: and Much More!

We are trying to build an Indy Corp with teeth, so if you dabble in PvP or are willing to learn, please apply.

Join Black Trident Public to speak to a recruiter or apply to be contacted directly. We need every pilot we can get!

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