Recruiting chill folks and PVE professionals and newbies/miners of all types

Seeing as you’re not in a corporation, maybe you’d like to seek industrialists and those interested in PVE.

All types of pilots are welcome, regardless of their skill level

If you have some free time, I’d love to talk to you. You can find me here on discord

-------Blingdenstone Round Table offer in terms of PVE/pvp

-Laid Back fleets and access to pvp fleet as contract work or for fun.

  • running the seasonal and holiday eve events for special skins and loot.

serpentis null sec combat sites.

What we offer industry-wise —

null sec harvesting activities

R64 moons to mine

Ore Anomaly Mining Fleets

Gas Huffing

Mining boosts

Occasional PvP Fleets

100% Jita buyback program

  • Includes Ore

  • Includes Salvage

  • Includes Planetary Interaction

BPO and BPC Library

Great community with experienced players helping to teach new members

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