Recruiting EU players WH Living Industry,PVE,PI

Alright guys,

So we’re a small corp Consensual Entry is our name.
We’ve started out in our own WH and we have a Static C3 and C4
We’re part of a bigger Alliance sharing the space and securing it.

There’s about 10 of us some quite experienced players some new to WH space but we’re all helping each other and planing on making good cash.

We mostly deal in industry and PVE but have our fingers in a few pies so we have a bit fun for everyone.

We have moon mining ops already underway and a industry setup in place with PI.

Ideally we would like more EU players as this is our main TZ but anyone who think they wanna give us a try pop into our Discord.

Be up for a laugh and enjoy a good ripping as it happens to us all but we’re a good bunch of guys looking for some more like minded people.

Fly Safe :wink:

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