Recruiting for 1 Aggressive Alfa, Alpha Clone CEO

You are an Alpha Clone. You are looking for someone who understands you want to grow in power and wealth in the game, but on your own terms. You’re ambitious, responsible, willing to take direction from your Executives, but also capable of exercising personal initiative, and owning the outcomes of your actions. You’re able to drive hard bargains, but not willing to cheat or bully fellow new players.

Welcome. You’re one of us.
1 Aggressive Alfa
I’m the CEO. I’m an Alpha Clone. Email me In Game:
Canbon Erquilenne

We have a moon shot coming up within 48 hours. Moon ore will be available for mining and sale to the site owner. The more miners, the better, and I’ll be working the site myself no matter what. Bring your best mining skills, and any upgrades of modules you need will be provided to you at little or no cost to you. Please show up early if you need modules however. Apply for employment if you need a rig! Ore tiers may be assigned according to number and quality of miners appearing, but all ores will be excellent and pay well.
Good Mining to all Pilots! o7

Moon shots at Augnais are expected to continue, in all likelihood once per week, with any gaps filled with mining in Pucherie, a system rich with belts, and belts rich with Dense Veldspar far more often than not. Still wanting and needing to make progress on raising prices in various systems to a fair price for transport and resale, so there’s always going to be plenty of room for Personal Initiative, Number Crunching, and plain hard work. The more hands I have on hand, the easier and faster this will be.
New Corporate Motto for the [1 A]: “This is a game. Have fun!”

FYI, forum emails are not activated.

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Thank you. I’m not actually sure what that means though, lol.

Meaning you cannot send emails via forums. Ccp hasn’t allowed us that option. You mentioned in the op to email on here. We can’t receive emails here.

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Okay, thanks again. I’ll attempt to edit the post.

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