YOU ARE [1 A] 1 Aggressive Alfa!

Look for us in the Rented Offices, directly below “UNDOCK” and the Station Services
Feel free to use the In-Game Email: Canbon Erquilenne or browse through 1 Aggressive Alfa.
You can apply as an Employee of the [1 A] Corporation at any of our offices:

Pucherie IV - Moon 1 - Expert Distribution Warehouse

Vittenyn IV - Moon 6 - Expert Distribution Warehouse

Vittenyn - Industrial Services (Gallente Federal Industry Services Union)

Quier - Reprocessing,manufacturing and c (RedZone Holding)

Vylade VII - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Logistic Support

Vylade - Technopolis Industrial Complex (Elni Industries)

Augnais - Erebor Ice & Rock Refinery. (Elni Industries)

Fly Safe Pilots! o7

Apply now for the best mining experiences you may ever have! I enjoy mining far more than being the CEO of a Corporation as an Alpha Clone, but yes, I can do both.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you can do both jobs yourself, and maybe better than I can do them. Do you dare to try though? ;D

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