Recruiting for Darth Rome!

Hi all o7. I am Darth Roam.

Currently I’m recruiting for my new corporation Darth Rome. Darth Rome is a brand new High sec corporation. We offer moon mining and Industry. Have our own Astrahus, Raitura and Anthanor.

We buy loot and ore. I’ll supply new players with ships and generally help corp members in anyway I can.

I’m recruiting new members so I can grow and expand they corporation. If successful in time I’ll be able to offer other services such as market hubs from fortizars and Null sec operations.

Still looking for new members in all areas of interest to grow with us.

Still looking for new recruits…new and old

Still recruiting. Old…new…all are welcome.

Friendly bump

Still recruiting!

Bump to the top. Still looking for new recruits.

Another bump…Come join us!

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