Recruiting for new members for a small industry corp!

Like the title says, we are recruiting players for a small industry corp that is looking grow. Currently we are only present in Hi Sec.

What we offer,

Experienced players willing to help teach you the ins and outs of industry, mining, and other pve content.
Access to use corp owned Blue Print Originals for your personal Industry needs.
Low pressure environment to grow and learn the game.
90% buyback on ore.
Hourly paycheck for Corp ops.

For more info join my discord at or send me a mail in game!!

Feels like all these indie corps just exist to get cheap ore from members.

On the flipside, i have an indy alt that needs a home. Can I join him?

I am fine with that. might disagree with yah on some stuff but I have no hard feeling towards yah : P

Still looking for members!!!

Hey, I am a brand new player looking to join an industry corps, quick questions is there mandatory voice chat, because I can sometimes voice chat, but not all the time

sorry for the late response, if you are still looking no we do not require voice chat.

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