Recruiting New and Veteran Pilots for Trig Content + More

DisturbedGamers. is a Corporation focused upon securing and maintaining the Triglavian Systems. Our leader DGSix Kado has played EvE Online for over a decade, was a guest speaker in 2015 in Reykjavik Iceland, has been fighting Cancer for 6 years, lead thousands of pilots to conquer vast areas of player owned space, flew with Northern Coalition Proper and Pandemic Legion. He has returned this year 2020 to once again participate in glorious space battles. We will be changing gears this year to participate in the epic struggle between the Triglavians and EDENCOM.

What We Offer:

  • Daily PVP/PVE/Mining fleets
  • Free ships for new bros
  • Friendly, laid back environment
  • Access to level 4-5 missions
  • Skill progression help
  • WH Day Tripping Fleets
  • Fully Boosted Mining OPs

We are hereby opening our doors to all pilots new and old to experience with us the forever changing events inside of EvE Online.

Ingame Connections:

DGSix Kado / Leader & Diplomat

Sparky Davaham / 2nd in Command

Ingame Channel: DGS Pub

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Daily Bump, we got our first recruit from the forums today !

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yes love it here come fly with us new player no problem ,no skills ,been there we all have we can do pve pvp lvl 4’s … join

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Onis the man who introduced me to this game and got me addicted. Much love brother and our ten + years of gaming together

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Daily Bump ! 4 More have joined since our relaunch ! What a time to return to EvE Online !

I would like to join! My current corp is under new leadership and is slowly dying. I’m still pretty new at the game but have a handle on the basics.

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Once the headset is either fixed or I get around to buying another one. Can chat again on discord or whatever. Always nice to play games with some friends or play around with new Content.

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stop by our ingame channel DGS Pub and have a chat with us

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Daily Bump, Let’s get this monday started !

Feel free to join our ingame channel DGS Pub


Daily bump ! We are growing by leaps and bounds. Today we recruited an experienced Trig Content FC to get us going in the right direction and help provide content for us. Don’t pass up a good opportunity by applying today !

Good group of guys! New player friendly as well.


Good bunch of guys, looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble we can get into.

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Daily Bump ! We are growing by leaps and bounds. Next week we will be starting fleets for Trig Invasions!

If you and your corporation are looking to get in on the action a little sooner join The Triglavian Initiative Discord and the in-game channels:

The Triglavian Community - community and discord links
Kybernaut Swarm - fleet invites and fittings

There are hundreds of players that are actively participating in this content already!
You are also welcome to adverstise your corporation on the discord in #billboard and you may get an even better response than you have on the official forums.

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Daily Bump ! We’re still looking for more chill and laid back folks to fly with us ! We’re still growing by leaps and bounds

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