Recruitment Agency


I am creating a recruitment agency. I already have a few roles on my books based on some discussions in game and have decided to take it professionally.

If you are a corp looking for members please get in touch and I will discuss our fees for listing

If you are a candidate looking for a new role, please get in touch with details of your experience and what you are looking for

Our business model is to charge a small fee to the recruiting corp in return for providing candidates from our pool. If no candidates are available we will make no charge.
There will be no charge to candidates to list their resume with us.

Fees will be charged for making the introduction of a suitable candidate (bulk discounts available) irrespective of outcome but as there is no means to enforce payment we cannot offer a “fee only on successful hiring” service at present, although I am looking into how we may be able to do this in future.

However, it is clearly not in my interests to introduce unsuitable candidates to corps since this will make it harder for future business

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