Recruitment Closed Corp Delet

Recruitment is permanently closed.


I am looking to get back in to the game , what requirments do you have for joining?

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Some kills from a fleet this weekend:

Join the War for Highsec!

Death (in-game) to bots!

I just noticed this thread and wanted to say “Hi”
:wave: :grin:

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Always a pleasure! I always enjoy seeing you featured on minerbumping. I am very much looking forward to the fun posts we’ll see when you finally switch sides and join the good guys. :wink:

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Haha. I know many of you think that’s something that will eventually happen, but don’t hold your breath.

There was a time when I was unsure what the consequences of fighting all the crap that used to pollute the AG channel would be, but am quite satisfied with the results and don’t have a problem with being a controversial anti-ganker now. It has become part of the fun and of my EvE identity, and I’ve come to actually enjoy that too. I don’t see myself switching sides anytime soon.


Recruitment is open. Kill some ventures and contact us for further instructions.

The owner of this billion isk Mack defiantly attempted to guard his miner with an alt in a battleship. A 10 million isk permit would have been a better buy. Our catalysts landed and killed his bling miner before his faction domi could even lock us.

Praise James 315!

You guys still? Highsec is fine, do something to fix lowsec whydoncha?

Recruitment threads have different rules. Please see some of the many posts debating ganking and CODE. that aren’t recruitment threads.

Highway Police recruitment is open for pilots that want to join in for elite pvp. Contact me in-game for more information after you gank some ventures.

Also, read this excellent website:

Highway Police still recruiting those that want to be part of an active and elite corp.

Come protect the Highways of New Order territory (all of Highsec) from dangerous autopiloters and other criminals.

Highway Police recruiting is open!

Mining Rokh! :slight_smile:

Highway Police recruiting is still open, and corp is growing.

Join CODE. and Highway Police. Still growing.

Part of the fun in joining CODE. is getting salt like this. Reminder that recruitment posts have special rules, though. Salt should be directed to one of the many non-recruitent threads about CODE. or gankers.

AFK orca on gate? No problem when Highway Police FC Shadow Cyrilus is on duty along with these 16 other agents.

@Viirilithizu_Ward thanks for your service!

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