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i am too stupid to delete this post and i dont care enough to google it.

We search a new Alliance
The Apes Of Her Majesty [E.B.O.L.A] :monkey: Nullsec PvP PIRATES
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EBOLA style

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First real BUMP this is :star_struck:

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Citadell Fight 7Q

We had a fun fight today! You should consider becoming a part of battles like this. We find a good role for everyone to join the gang and blow up space-pixels with us!

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GWCS came back to kill our Forti and brought friends. Watch this video!

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EBOLA just recruited an australian corp so we actually do cover all timezones now. If you are interested reach out to me and i will forward you to the fitting corp in EBOLA.

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Since there is a WAR nearby, we have fun roaming around and doing our pirate stuff. GW pirates lurking in scalding pass too suddenly. Join the fun!

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Skirmishes everywhere. Join us!

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Oh boys you missed a fun brawl without blopsing and sh1t. New skilled pilots and veterans fought together against everyone else in great wildlands and beyond. Click here to read the AAR (hostile perspective).

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https://zkillboard.com/related/30000992/201807222000/ And another capital brawl occured in great wildlands. This is something we do regulary. Check it out!

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Here’s another article about our stratecic combat skills and how we win fights :sunglasses: :monkey:

Great Wildlands: Fighting in 5FCV-A in Struggle over Regional Hegemony

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E.B.O.L.A now is officially the most powerful entity in Great Wildlands region #MakeGWwildAgain

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bump this ■■■■ :monkey: