[recruitment] gamcorp - est. 2004

GamCorp was founded in January 2004, nearly 15 years ago.

So things have gone a little stale and I am looking to get things back on track. Whether you are looking to get in to EVE and not sure how it works, whether you are an experienced player looking for a different direction, I am interested in having a chat.

We have industrialists, pvpers, ship spinners. Myself I have been semi retired for awhile and have over 200M SP, not of which has been injected, am just old.

I want to help you play the game how YOU want. If you want to get into mining, ship spinning (i can teach ship spinning!!) I want to help you. And I will help you achieve your goals.

My ideal candidate? Would be someone who does some industry but would like to try some PVP, would like help getting in to the right ships.

So whether you have 5m SP, or 300M SP I am interested in having a chat. I am looking at quality over quantity, so if you have 5m SP, don’t think you can’t approach me, if you have 200m SP - lets see what you can offer.

public channel GAMCORP

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