Red Rock New corporation [AUTZ]

As part of a high / low sec alliance ( League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts ) we will have many things to offer including Daily, and weekly Ops mainly mining at the moment but small gang roams starting soon. We are just starting to get our feet on the ground so are wanting to grow.

What we offer

  • Mining – Alliance / Corp moons for mining, Ice Close by
  • Missions – being in Amarr highsec we have agents available close by
  • Mayhem – Low sec is close by for solo pvp wish small gang in the near future
  • Marketing - close to Amarr if your wanting to market PvP
  • 0.5% Rat Tax.
  • Low tax rates for Refining and building in corp stations

What we are looking for

  • Mic/headset for comms
  • Carebears are welcome but atleast be willing to learn other aspects of the game
  • Omega / Alpha Who cares.
  • Have a sense of humour and don’t get offended easy we are Aussies after all.

For more information and to apply join in game channel “Red Rock Inc”


New Bros are welcome

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting