Red XIII Indy Flight School

Red XIII is a PvP Training School for players primarily focused on Industry. Bring your ALTs and learn how to defend your assets and interests in a low stress, fun environment. We are looking for active, engaged players.

We offer the following benefits

  • Ships, fittings, and information on skill training
  • Access to instructional sessions and materials
  • Access to all manner of Industrial content
  • Vibrant and Fun Social Community
  • Membership in a broad coalition of industry corporations

You will also be offered the opportunity to join your industry alts to our war ineligible alliance Syndicate., with access to hi and lo sec moons, wormhole harvesting, and much much more. Corporations meeting requirements are eligible to bring their corporate structure as a whole as well!

Siege Green has changed the EvE landscape. For anyone wishing to maintain structures, being able to defend them has become paramount. Join Red XIII and learn how to do just that with fun, like-minded players.

Reach out to us in-game, or via Discord @ Discord


HI @Maxwell_Immelmann,

Scary Wormhole People is currently recruiting corps and we’re interested in adding more miners and industrialists to get the production lines moving.

We live in Solitude lowsec and we operate in the areas of Solitude, Syndicate, Aridia, Placid, etc, as they are all around us.

For industry we have:

  • Structures for manufacturing, refining, and reactions.

  • NPC stations to park any assets you want safely.

  • A variety of moons; R64/32/16/8/4.

  • Ice belts.

  • PvP fleet support for mining operations.

Here are some links with info:
Alliance Killboard


If this interests you, contact our leader ExookiZ for alliance recruitment!

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