XCHANGE is recruiting

Tired of High sec, low or null? New player?
Why not try out wormholes?

The XCHANGE Corporation is recruiting,

We live in a C3 with HS static!

PI is great! Moon mining and random ore belts. Come get the good stuff!

Looking for 10-15 miners/Indy/pve/pvp/exploration pilots

Late EU early USTZ most active! 16:00-04:00

English speaking, Discord for chat and comms.

We will train new players.

Reply here, evemail me or join our Public chat channel in game.

Join ‘XCHANGE Public’ chat channel

What are you waiting for? Join a relaxed corp and have fun! o7

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We’re still waiting for ya :slight_smile:

And we are fun/entertaining in chat :slight_smile:

Athanor is operational. Join now to get your share of moon goo in a WH

Such a great wormhole…and fun people as well

More content than we can handle. Come help!


Completely new player here. Started 2 days ago.
Got a good mate that’s showing me the ropes but I’d love to join a Corp as well to really start learning this game in and out :blush: only thing is is that I haven’t got a clue of what I would like to do in this game or what I enjoy doing.

I have been enjoying myself so far with exploring and doing missions.

Long story short I will join your channel when I’m online. Have a chat there!

Certainly. We are normally online for hours every day. So say hi and we can chat things up

MMM…wormhole moon goo :smiley:

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