Redshift Tactical: Member of Drifters. Alliance Wants You!

Redshift Tactical is a close-knit wormhole corp that enjoys PvP, PvE, Mining, Industry and Exploration. Our players have experience levels from new players to long time veterans and we operate across multiple time zones. We offer a drama free environment with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of building something special and making lots of isk. If you have never been in wormhole space we can offer training and assistance to get you quickly up to speed and making isk. The opportunities in wormhole space are almost endless and we want to work with you to take advantage of those

We are Member of “Drifters.” Alliance and we live in a C4 Wormhole that has a C3 and C5 Static for Amazing Content every Day!

What We Offer:

  • Newbro Friendly
  • Regular PvP Fleets With Allies
  • Lucrative PvE Site Running
  • Gas Huffing and Ore Mining Fleets
  • Defense Fleets
  • Salvage Jobs
  • The Opportunity To Make Loads of Isk
  • Fun

What We Are Looking For:

  • Players who speak English
  • Discord For Comms

If you are looking for a corp that is fun to play with and supportive you should check us out.

Come join our Discord at Redshift Tactical

You can also join our in game recruitment channel at ‘Redshift Recruitment’

You can also message or email me, Tombstone Jack, directly in game.

Fly Safe!

Hey all,

This looks like a new thread for the same corporation for the below link. Check it out since they likely don’t want the poor advertisement. It’s important to know how corporations treat you before you join.

We remade it because of the alliance and all the changes but feel free to keep bumping it for us. Nothing says perfectly sane human than someone who stalks a game corp forum. But go ahead keep making yourself look silly online, everyone has seen players like you that don’t get their way and have an emotional break down and then pretend they are doing everyone a public service. Nobody mistook you for anyone. You need to mature a bit and learn how to take no for an answer. But i’m sure everyone believes this, all the previous and all the future threads, because the more you post the more you reveal just how desperate and petty you are, and if you keep it up, your going to find that pretty much no one wants to play with you. We have 100 ppl here and they all love it here. But your the only one who sees it how it really is :confused: I think you need to find a new game.

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