Redshift Tactical [RTAC.] - Wormhole Corp Looking For Players Who Love PvP/PvE and Making Isk

Redshift Tactical is a close-knit wormhole corp that enjoys PvP, PvE, Mining, Industry and Exploration. Our players have experience levels from new players to long time veterans and we operate across multiple time zones. We offer a drama free environment with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of building something special and making lots of isk. If you have never been in wormhole space we can offer training and assistance to get you quickly up to speed and making isk. The opportunities in wormhole space are almost endless and we want to work with you to take advantage of those

What We Offer:

  • Regular PvP Fleets With Allies
  • Lucrative PvE Site Running
  • Gas Huffing and Ore Mining Fleets
  • Defense Fleets
  • Salvage Jobs
  • The Opportunity To Make Loads of Isk
  • Fun

What We Are Looking For:

  • Players who speak English
  • Discord For Comms

If you are looking for a corp that is fun to play with and supportive you should check us out.

Come join our Discord at Redshift Tactical

You can also join our in game recruitment channel at ‘Redshift Recruitment’

You can also message or email me, Tombstone Jack, directly in game.

Fly Safe!


Great corp! of course i’m a bit biased

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Are you tired of Null Sec life? Is it getting harder scratching out a living in High and Low sec? Come to Wormhole space and reap the benefits of bountiful isk and good content. Join Redshift tactical and be an important part of building this corp.

We are still looking for pilots who want to have plenty of content and make loads of isk.

great corp! come join :slight_smile:

bumping for cookies

We are still recruiting. Come check us out!

bump for bewbs

#ShiFTtoREd Come join our amazing community today!


Still looking for Pilots to join us and start enjoying the isk making life or wormholes.


Come join us and have some wormhole fun.


We are still recruiting!


bumperino, go euw!

up she goes

Am a starting player with some WH and PVE experience am looking for a corp. that has not a selfish only individualistic mindset.
Want to leave the present corp because of this to make progress into the game instead of living from the left overs.
Wish to progress into the game instead of the stand still i am in now.

We would love to have you Arel! Our players span the experience spectrum from newbros to old veterans. We are just a good group of people having fun and willing to share the wormhole life. Message me in game or join our in game recruitment channel at Redshift Recruitment.