Reduce influence of FW battlefields, remove -5 status from open plexes and supply caches/depots

After last FW update, we’ve got enormous boost to battlefields as they increase contested percentage by about 3% (without advantage boost) plus 15% advantage increase. With low number of med/large/open plexes around it is really hard to rollback contested change after just one lost battlefield even. And sometimes they spawn in same system for almost whole day, creating quite a chaos and deminishing real players work and reducing number of PVP as one side can win BF and go “rest” for at least half of day.

Also, as number of -5 plexes got reduced, multiboxers and bots swarm any battlefield they see, creating uneven situation for militias who don’t have same number of multiboxers. For example, all highest VP places in minmatar militia on eve frontlines page is held by multiboxer alts, they got this from battlefields.

So, my suggestions:

  1. Reduce contested change from battlefield to 1-1.5%
  2. Reduce advantage increase from battlefield to 7-8% (let real people do work with rendezvous, placing propaganda posts, etc)
  3. Make random delay for first battlefield to appear (between 1-4 hours) from downtime.
  4. Reduce amount of LP to 50000 for battlefield, so they stop being main source of income for multiboxer alts who login only for them.
  5. Make battlefields not fully random but going through all frontlines in random manner, so they don’t spawn many times in same system in one day.
  6. Allow to warp inside battlefields and combat probes work, to create more interesting player experience.
  7. Increase number of med/large-1 plexes around frontlines by 30-50%.
  8. Remove -5 from open plexes and supply caches/depots as multiboxers clear them non-stop now.

Or… recruit more real players into your militia / corp and fight over the bfs. If you get actual fighters you’ll obliterate the multiboxers.

It is kinda strange to be like “we dont want multiboxers, so we are going to reduce the amount of -5 complexes” and then “here is a new complex with no LP sharing and it awards 150k LP to each person inside”

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