Regarding Senator Bellaron's Proposal

(Durant Aristide) #152

I find it curiously arrogant that Dr. Kiervalan so confidently spouts the passage of Senator Bellaron’s proposal.

Capital punishment sacrifices the freedom of a malevolent individual to protect the freedoms of millions, billions, and trillions more. It should remain up to individual member states to make the decision on whether to abolish it or not, not politicians sitting in Villore.

If a particular individual of a member state in which capital punishment is legal truly dislikes the idea so much, they are more than freely able to relocate to a member state which disallows it - for there are many to choose from in the Federation.

(Tanagura Amoii) #153

Although I favor the creation of a specialized civilian force that allows criminals, including those condemned to death, an opportunity to reclaim honor by helping to restore metropolitan areas which have become decrepit, I do not dispute the right of others to oppose the Senator’s proposition.

It is troubling and perhaps ironic that protests must turn violent over this issue. I am disappointed such a breakdown in civil discourse occurred on Chandeille.

However, it creates an opportunity for reflection that should not go wasted.

(Diana Kim) #154

Oh, they do that in the Empire already. It’s called slavery. But here in the State we don’t trust criminals that much to let them do even menial labor. After all, provided with enough payment there will be plenty of well motivated and goal-oriented citizens eager to do these jobs.

Maybe slavery will be better than executions, I don’t know. You gallentes chose for yourself, just stop torturing our PoWs for defending their homes from your aggression, you filthy inhuman monsters!!!

(Tanagura Amoii) #155

The need to develop new equipment is diminished by an ability to enslave more workers. Consequently, slavery impedes progress in industrial technologies by depressing the cost of labor. Even apart from the disturbing moral implications, enslaving prisoners would therefore retard research and development, harming the economy and increasing the number of decrepit metropolitan areas in need of assistance.

Be appeased, Enemy Strike Commander Kim. I concede that only inhuman monsters torture prisoners of war.