Reign of Steel wants YOU!

Reign of Steel is an industry and PvE focused corporation based within Querious, right next to Delve and 1DQ1-A.

If your looking to get your start in Null Sec, or EVE it doesn’t get much better than Reign of Steel. We offer:

  • Public R64 moons
  • Private R32 moons
  • Free starter ships
  • Expansive Null Sec access for PvE and Exploration
  • Newbro specific fleets from experienced FCs

For our more experienced players, Delve offers space for KRAB beacons as well as Rorqual mining. Not to mention countless coalition ran fleets and strat ops.

Contact the recruitment team today!
Discord: Reign of Steel
Or contact one of our recruiters in game via EVEmail:
EUTZ - Castrati Falistis
USTZ - Aerodinamica Attiva/AerodinamicaRestart