Reinstalled Windows, kelp Eve folder

Long story short, my PC died, I had to buy new + new OS Win10 since my old Win7 had issues supporting newer hardware and I had hard time finding new motherboard for FM2+ socket.
But, EVE folder left intact since it was on different disk.
The question is, do I need/want to re-install EVE completely, i.e. delete existing folder, download installer and launch it, etc, or I can continue to run EVE just as it is?
It looks like it just works, I’m in game, lost all settings though, but I’m in game.
Technically I can play as it is now, but maybe re-install is required/recommended for some reasons, why that may be, if any?
Thanks in advance!

Well, I’d be worried about performance and stability. And, assuming you’re not on a slow/metered internet connection, it’s quick and easy to do. So, I’d reinstall just to be on the safe side.

And, for future reference, you can back up your user profile in order to save your Eve settings. Unfortunately, it’s located in your windows user folder, which was nuked when you reinstalled windows.

Did exactly that since it looks like right thing. Thanks again.

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