Remnants of War - Now Recruiting - NULL SEC LIFE

o/ Capsuleer,

Calling all PvP, Indy and Manufacturing null sec Players!

Welcome to the Remnants of War recruitment thread

We can offer you:

  • Ice Mining
  • Deep Null Mining
  • Moon Mining
  • PvP content
  • PvP roams
  • Industry
  • Mineral Buyback
  • 0 Drama & A Laid back Life
  • SOV Space

We are a friendly corp which formed from a merger of 3 Corps that wanted to find a good home to make ISK, have fun and just do day to day EvE stuff.

We are currently looking for:

  • Miners
  • Ratters
  • PvPers
  • Industrialist
  • Explorers

Come join us today and try out Nullsec/Corp Life.

Minimum SP of 7.5m.
This is negotiable.


Invites still open

still wanting more peeps to join.

Do you want to live in NULL SEC ? Join us !!

Come check us out !!

Oh ya…still recruiting. Come join the fun

Happy 4th of July !!

Still looking for those special people.

Are you Null ?

Still looking for players to join our ranks

I saw you on Discord. Lets talk.

Calling all null sec ratters, miners and pvpers…

Do you want to make ISK? Do you want content?

Can you handle the NULL ?

A null sec life for you !!

Do you want to make ISK? Do you want content?

What region are u guys located


Still looking for those Null sec minded people

Still recruiting those special shortbus people