Remnants of War Recruiting Indy pilots

(Jai'lin) #1

Remnants of War (From Dust We Rise Alliance), part of the Great Wildlands Conservation Society coalition is expanding. We are a corp focusing on Mining, Industry and on Nullsec Life.
We are currently making the move to SoV space and are looking for industrial and manufacturing corps to come join us in our ever changing adventure.
We can offer you:
*Ice Mining in home system and in SoV
*Capital ship construction (coming soon)
*Regular corp ops and standing mining fleets
*Rigged Ice Processing and Manufacturing
*Access to high-end ores
*Strong allies and intel *
Access to NPC stations, friendly and corp owned structures with good markets
*Regular JF’s to high-sec
*Non-mandatory corp pvp roams and training
*Combat site running
*Opportunities for expansion and marketing
*Access to SoV space in coalition controlled areas

What we ask:
*Be willing to throw away the shackles of high-sec
*Have at least 7.5m SP
*Don’t be a ****
*Participate in corp activities

If you’re interested please join our public channel Join: Remnants Pub, or convo Jai’lin or Benoux Looser