Remove Brackets In Space From Drones

Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove brackets from just select items in space i.e. drones themselves? I’ve been involved in a lot of larger fleet fights lately and I want to clean up space a little bit. To be clear I do not want to turn all the brackets off, only drones in space.

I do have a separate drone overview tab this has nothing to do with my overview itself it has to do with the purple blobs of friendly drones and the enemy drones themselves. There has to be some way of turning off the brackets just for the drones.

In an overview tab, you can assign a profile for the tab itself and for the brackets separately, so you need to create two profiles to accomplish this. For example, my alliance has a Lotek PVP profile and a Lotek PVP + Drones profile - the one with drones is only used for brackets but the one without drones is used for the tab.

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