Remove Please

password: 1234

MegaCorp V

Amor and Information Command Specialist V

not much else.

20b b/o but will take offers

daily bump

daily bump will consider any offer


I know this is not anywhere near the 20bil you wanted but that’s why nobody is giving you any offer so far. You way overpriced this pilot.


Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

anyone close to 10. I’ll consider 7.5 probably won’t accept an offer till next friday though kind of need pay day to transfer the character :P.

Also i’m aware it was overpriced not real sure what it went for anything over the 3bil you get from $20 plex i probably would of considered.

anyone higher than 7.5 and are you still interested at 7.5

8 bil

since I just bumped this for the first time in 10 days I’ll give others 24hours to respond if not I’ll take the 8bil


which person are you? lol

evemail sent

7bil offer received in game and accepted awaiting money transfer

agreed isk and account details sent

forgot you can transfer an alpha so this has been a massive waste of time 7bil returned

Don’t feel like spending $35 for 7bil

confirming ive received the isk back,

thank you