Fitting character for the ManGo people that is joining the server.

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Well well you heard it here, Mango’s can start bidding on this characteristic monster.

Bump btw.
( need to start making my new character famous in eve).

That says more about you than him,/her.

This is a sell thread. I would appreciate if you guys keep discussions in other areas.
If you don’t care the why even type here!.. you make no sense sexual_fatality. I never asked who didn’t want to buy the character.

If you want to buy the character then type here, otherwise crawl back to the rock you came from.

Posts withdrawn by sexual_fatality
Ty sexual_fatality for respecting my thread.

worth extraction value to be used as an SP farm.

Bump today

How about 60bil? Love the name, and ive seen this character all over the place.

Ty for offer. But not enugh



Daily bumping

You cant get a more unic character, the Pic and history is top notch


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