REMZ is Recruiting! Null Sec Small-Gang PvP, Mining, and PvE. New Players Welcome!

Ruthless Equity Management ZLC is a Zero-Liability Corporation set up with the approval of the Caldari Government. Years ago we began our journey in Eve, a group of friends who set out to go their own way. We’re not big fans of the massive alliance model with tons of super-capitals, we like to keep a tight-knit group of people who work to improve in their respective fields, branch out and try new things, and just have fun! There are no requirements except for activity. We understand that everybody needs to start somewhere and are happy to help!

Whether you are completely new to the game, or a bitter-vet wanting a change, or have been playing a bit and want to try to get out of high-sec to where the real Eve happens, REQM is the place for you. We recently completed our move to null-sec in the drone-lands. We have several systems to ourselves. If you want to be a part of something old but being revitalized anew, part of growing something and making friends along the way then REQM is the perfect place for you. You can grow into leadership and run a part of operations for the corp, go on mining ops to earn ISK, go on roams killing stuff, or just log in and fly around if you want!

As far as activities to expect: While we are in the early re-growth stage things will be expanding and more and more will be added to what you can do. The short of it is though, you can do pretty much whatever you want. (Except for shooting allies) Some of our members are old-school market traders, some are old-school miners, and some are old-school PvP guys with a thirst for corpses. You will find a little bit of everything! So, if you want to learn something new, or even just find what you like, this is a great place to do it.

As far as corporation-sanctioned activities: Mining Fleets, PvP Roams, Group PvE Operations and Pirating Operations will be arranged by the corporation as a group effort. We are looking for people with experience in all of these fields. You can learn to be an FC, work your way up to the top of a mining career, become a trillionaire trader, take down the biggest-baddest PvE sites and get the good loot, whatever you want to do we will support and find how the corporation can be of help to you and vice-versa.

Apply today and someone will reach out to discuss, or feel free to join our public chat channel in-game at: REQM.Public to speak with a recruiter today!

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