Rabid Dogz Mining

We’re a chilled and laid back small group of industry pilots as the name suggests and mostly cap pilots when the time is right. We’re based out of Fortress Delve and are part of the Bastion. We’re looking for pilots both old and new, pve and pvp to come down and join us.

What we offer:

  • Active corp and annoyingly active alliance.
  • TS, Mumble, and Pidgn.
  • Secure space with standing defense fleets 24/7 for all your nullbear needs.
  • Access to moons on an almost daily basis with which to mine.
  • Fleets of all sizes from 9-4 down to chill drunk gate camps every day.
  • PVP and PVE.
  • Ore and salvage buy back.
  • Many opportunities to help players grow into new areas of EVE. (Lear to FC, Logi, Industry, pvp, etc.)
  • RL first EVE second.
  • Access to lots and lots of 0.0 space.

What we require:

  • Full API’s of all characters/accounts.
  • One fleet of any kind per month per character you bring to corp.
  • Willingness to do corp ops to help us as a whole grow.
  • Chill and laid back kinda personality.

Either hit me up via EVE mail or come join RDZM-PUB if you’re interested!

Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment is still open!

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