Rent-A-Friend looking for PvP focused corps and pilots

Rent-A-Friend is a small, independent, PvP alliance not interested in the politics of Sovereignty.
Rent-A-Friend | Alliance | zKillboard

We cover all timezones in terms of content, but would like our EU/US timezones to be a bit more crowded.

You are:

  • PvP focused, regardless of how you make isk
  • Keen to punch up, not down
  • Old enough in-game to know your way around
  • Self-driven

We offer:

  • PvP opportunites of varying size and nature (daily)
  • A tight knit community with next to no rules
  • No required fleet participation (though if you meet the conditions above that
    shouldn’t be a problem)
  • Finding isk shouldn’t be a problem
  • No killboard elitists (though we might laugh at you)
  • Little to no tax

If you and/or your corp meet the conditions above and you are interested, please contact me by mail in-game. All applications will be carefully considered.


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