Renter Corp Looking to Grow


(Jay AndSilentbob) #1

Good day all,

I am joining a Renter Alliance and looking to grow my membership we will have access to a -0.12 system for ratting, mining, PI and moon mining.

-handing out new bro vexors
-handing out new bro ventures and barges
-Low Corp PI Tax

Join IIAR Pub for more details and information.

(Jay AndSilentbob) #2

Bump looking for bros to chill and earn isk no reqs, no ctas, only good times and iskes

(Jay AndSilentbob) #3

Bummpity bump a few new bros joined, still looking to grow plenty of opportunity and space to do so freely.

(Jay AndSilentbob) #4

Picked up a few new bros still looking to grow join iiar pub to chat today

(Jay AndSilentbob) #5

still need them bros to roll in and enjoy the sov

(Jay AndSilentbob) #6

added a few more bros still looking to grow join iiar pub in game to chat

(Jay AndSilentbob) #7

added a few more bros we keep growin come on in and have fun

(Elisa Hancook) #8

Hi you still looking for pilots? Me and my other char are looking for a null corp my alt has 5.5 mil sp in missile/shield and me 3.5mil sp ceptor and vni still training up
If interst send me a ingame mail

(Jay AndSilentbob) #9

Mail sent

(Jay AndSilentbob) #10

bumps for bros still trying to spread our little wings and grow

(Templar T) #11

access to capital ship facilities?

(Jay AndSilentbob) #12

in what capacity?

(Jehannnum) #13

Hi Jay AndSilentbob,

Are you still recruiting?

I am one of those bittervets, that quit a fair few years ago but decided to start playing again, though this time I am only planning to sub a single account. I havent managed to get hold of any old friends, though full disclosure my previous alliance was allied to Imperium.

I’m mainly looking for a place that I can hang out and make some isk via ratting. Though I wouldnt say me joining a fleet op now and then is not unlikely. I did find your Google form, however I wasnt sure how to get an API code now that API’s are defunct.

On this particular account I have two other toons, one is my mission alt and the other is one I intend to use as a skill farm.

That character I would like to join with:

Please let me know if you would be interested in giving me a spot?

(Jay AndSilentbob) #14

bump for bros join IIAR Pub ingame to chat